Earrings: the accessory that should never be overlooked in any of our looks or jewelry boxes. Often, we wonder, should I go for silver or gold owl earrings? Large or maybe something smaller? Many times, we’re unsure which will suit us best.

At first glance, earrings are often not given as much importance, and some people may not even wear them. However, what’s clear is that poorly chosen earrings can spoil your look. The mistake lies in treating earrings as a secondary accessory. Their influence on the final look is more significant than we think.

But for fear of not knowing how to choose the right earring, we can’t fall into the trap of using the same one for everything. Just read the advice we’re going to give you and dare to wear different things that you’d never have imagined, as good earrings can be the perfect accessory to attract all the attention.

The main function of earrings is to illuminate the face and add a touch of light and color to your outfit. They help accentuate features that make us more attractive and, why not, conceal the ones we don’t like as much.

Tips for Choosing the Right Earrings

Let’s give you some tips to choose the most suitable ones. When choosing, consider things like your hair color, face shape, or the neckline you’ll be wearing.


Consider that you wear earrings on your face, and depending on your hairstyle and hair type, they can be more or less prominent.

For curly hair, it’s better to opt for earrings with very straight lines or smooth surfaces so that they don’t overshadow your hair.

On the other hand, if your hair is straight, it’s best to choose earrings with more volume to create that effect in your hair.

Hair Color

  • If you’re a redhead, the best colors for your earrings are green and blue.
  • If you’re blonde, it’s better to opt for light colors like turquoise.
  • For brunettes, using bright colors is best to illuminate your face.


Another thing to consider when choosing one earring over another is whether you’ll be wearing your hair down or up and the look you want to achieve, whether more informal or elegant.

If you have loose and abundant hair, large earrings with striking shapes and colors work well so that they’re not too hidden. But if you have less hair, opt for smaller and more discreet earrings.

For updos, you have several options: if the hairstyle is informal and low, a short or snug earring with some shine to make it stand out is better, but nothing dangling; for a high bun with a clear face, a long two-part earring looks great, one tucked in the earlobe and the other dangling. For a half-up style, a long earring is great as it slims and stylizes your face.

Earring Length

Long earrings help accentuate facial lines and add a lot of elegance to the look. However, they don’t help elongate a short neck. They are perfect for long necks and taller individuals.

On the other hand, small earrings are perfect for shorter necks and shorter girls.

Gold or Silver

Gold earrings are perfect for girls with warm skin tones, i.e., brunettes. Girls with brown eyes and golden skin or women with light eyes and fair skin.

However, silver earrings flatter brunettes with dark hair and eyes and blondes with fair skin and light eyes.

Face Shape

Round Face

Favor: long earrings that help to elongate your facial features, also earrings with geometric shapes or square, rectangular, triangular details.

Avoid: hoop or stud earrings as they emphasize the roundness of your face.

Square Face

Your contours are well defined, so we’ll seek to soften them.

Favor: Earrings with a round shape that are wider than they are long.

Avoid: long earrings and earrings with square or rectangular designs.

Triangular Face

Favor: XXL earrings, large hoops, and long earrings with circular shapes.

Avoid: triangular shapes.

Oval Faces

If your face is oval, you’re lucky because all types of earrings suit you. You can wear any shape or size, so your only concern will be what you’re wearing, comfort, and height.

Forehead and Jawline

If you have a wider forehead than the jawline:

Favor: teardrop, pyramid-shaped, or fringed and patterned earrings.

Avoid: earrings that end in a point.

If you have a wider jawline than the forehead, opt for earrings that end in a point.

It’s also important not to overload the look. Consider the size of the other accessories you’ll be wearing and which one you want to emphasize.

After reading these guidelines and knowing that there is a type of earring that suits us best, it may seem monotonous. However, it’s better to choose from those that may suit us best, as this will be the way they truly show how well they fit and allow you to shine.

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