Choosing the ideal children’s bedding set can make all the difference when composing the decor of the little ones’ room. After all, it is in the children’s room that imagination runs wild and makes their creativity develop even further. And as in all bedrooms, the bed is the centerpiece that will set the tone for the decor, so it’s important to pay attention when choosing the bedding set.

To help you with this important task, we interviewed the stylist and responsible for the creation and design of TEKA’s products, Vanessa Pancera , who gave super important tips on which characteristics are fundamental to having the perfect children’s bedding set.

What to consider when choosing children’s bedding sets?

99% of mothers agree with me when I say that when choosing bedding for the little ones, what comes first in mind is comfort, practicality in maintenance, and whether it will fall in the taste of the children. That is, all that will really make our eyes shine is quality x durability, if our children will feel comfortable and if the product is easy to wash.

So how to get the product right?

In this case, for a successful purchase, the ideal is to keep an eye on whether the product is 100% cotton, whether it has the right size for the bed and which pieces make up the set, as we often do not pay attention to these small details. and we end up buying a product different from the one we would like .

What are the main options available on the market?

There are a multitude of products in the children’s segment available on the market: two-piece sets consisting of a sheet with elastic and pillowcase, three-piece sets consisting of a sheet with an elastic band, over a sheet and pillowcase, and also sets that may have duvets as a differential. , bedspreads and covers, pillow cases, in addition to pillowcases. With so much variety it is always good to pay attention to the packaging of the product.

How to assemble a cozier children’s bed?

When assembling our children’s beds, we have to know very well the style and personality of each one of them. Gone are the days where only parents chose the decoration motifs for the rooms , the prints on the beds and bath towels. More and more children are part of this choice, making guesses and sometimes choosing which type of character and color they want to predominate in the environment.

When should the child be involved in this choice?

Isso está acontecendo cada vez mais cedo. Antigamente, nossos pais escolhiam ou até impunham o que teríamos de usar em nossas camas, mas hoje em dia as crianças já sabem o que gostam e querem desde muito cedo. Com isso, existem algumas formas de escolher como montar as caminhas, pois para os pequenos é um pouco diferente dos maiores.

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And how can parents assemble children’s beds?

The beds for the little ones are usually assembled with sheets, quilts and comforters, so that they look more cuddly and have space for them to play. As for the older ones, we increased this scenario with pillow holders, different pillows and, in the case of girls, this changes even more, as many like to put lots of pillows with different colors, stuffed animals, dolls and other decoration items.

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