Rings are jewelry pieces that look great on both men and women. In fact, this is a piece of jewelry that can become a perfect gift. However, selecting a ring for a man requires certain skills. That’s why, at Fina García, we want to dedicate this post to tell you everything you need to know to choose the best lotus flower ring for him.

Types of Rings for Men

There are many types of rings, but, in the case of men, these jewelry pieces can be classified according to their symbolism. Let’s have a look!

Jewelry-Type Rings

These are elegant pieces, with a classic cut, a smooth finish, and a regular size, usually used to complement everyday outfits. They are generally made of silver, white gold, or yellow gold. They often have inlays of diamonds or a combination of different metals like white gold and yellow gold.

Marriage or Engagement Rings

These rings symbolize family responsibility and a commitment to love. Wedding rings are traditional in many cultures, but engagement rings for men are more avant-garde and their style is quite similar to jewelry-type rings, although they are usually worn on different fingers.

Signet Rings

These are the oldest rings, dating back to Roman times, symbolizing status and power. Nowadays, they are more of an occasional jewelry piece used for special occasions.

Signet rings are also used to represent a hierarchy or a level within a man’s professional or sports career.

Recommendations for Choosing the Best Ring for Him

Once we’ve established the types of rings available in the market for men, here are some tips to make an informed decision and choose the right one:

Consider the Occasion and the Moment

Each ring represents something different, so the occasion for which you’re selecting this jewelry piece is crucial when making the choice.

Is it an engagement or anniversary ring? Is it a graduation or promotion gift? The answer will guide you to the type of ring you should opt for, and within the genre, you’ll only have to select the model. This will further narrow down the options considering the guy’s personal style and some more details!

Consider the Gentleman’s Personal Style

Everyone has their own style. Some feel comfortable wearing large and bold jewelry, while others prefer modesty and restraint when complementing a look.

Signet rings, for example, are striking pieces that don’t go unnoticed, especially if they have a gemstone that adds color. Therefore, those who wear them should have a strong personality and a determined style.

On the other hand, jewelry-type rings are more viable options for shy men with a simple style.

Consider the Structure of His Hands

To get closer to perfection, you can consider the shape and thickness of the man’s hands. In this aspect, you can opt for robust and large models if he has big hands, or simpler models if he has slender and thin hands.

Get the Best Rings for Him

Rings are pieces of jewelry that cannot be missing from the jewelry collection. Women and men have been wearing them for a very long time, and when well combined, they can add a touch of very elegant and original style. That’s why we strive to offer an extensive variety of designs, especially for men, from jewelry and signet rings to perfect wedding rings for different occasions.

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