We dress to please ourselves, to convey emotions, to reflect our style. The same goes for the jewelry we choose: you want them to speak about who you are, about how you are. However, how do you combine these two premises? How do you match necklaces and earrings according to the neckline? In another post on our blog, we told you what the ideal jewelry is according to the type of neckline. Today, we focus a little more on necklaces and earrings, emphasizing how they pair with an astronaut pendant. Don’t miss it! These examples can serve you in your daily life to convey your values and strength.

The Basics: Round Neckline or V-Neck

The round neckline is a classic. The lower round neckline is similar but more pronounced, which leaves more space to choose a slightly longer pendant, like the perfect astronaut pendant.

A fine pendant or necklace, like a chain, is ideal for a lower round neckline. Another option is to combine several chains of different lengths: this will create a much more eye-catching effect. You can even consider combining different materials, such as gold and silver, to complement your astronaut pendant.

As for earrings, small hoop earrings will look great on you. Any earring with a geometric shape, such as a hexagon, will also work beautifully with your astronaut pendant.

The Square Pendant is an excellent choice if you’re wearing a round neckline: you’ll feel very comfortable with it. It can complement the astronaut pendant elegantly.

V-Neck or Plunge Neckline

The V-neck or plunge neckline is another common one, but it can be more or less closed. It will depend on the garment and the depth of the neckline. When you wear an astronaut pendant, it’s essential to consider the depth of the neckline and the pendant’s length for a perfect match.

For the necklace, the deeper the neckline, the longer it should be. Ideally, it should be a pendant that follows the same shape as the garment you are wearing. And the length should reach where the garment draws the V, creating a perfect harmony between the clothing and the astronaut pendant, highlighting the neckline.

To combine a necklace with these characteristics, you can use long earrings to continue the vertical axis. If the neckline is very pronounced, try earrings up to 5 cm long – you’ll love the result! Coordinate them with your astronaut pendant for a cohesive look.

Special Necklines: Square

The square neckline, very common in tank tops or dresses with straps, exposes the neck and shoulders. Therefore, for this type of neckline, you will look good if you wear both a necklace and a choker. An astronaut pendant can beautifully adorn this neckline.

Depending on the depth of the neckline, a slightly longer necklace may be the option you are looking for. It looks very nice if it’s long but doesn’t touch the garment. If you’re looking for elegance and discretion, this option is ideal. Your astronaut pendant can add that touch of sophistication.

For this look, you’ll look great with small earrings. Also, with multiple ear piercings. Mix and match different earring types until you find the combination that makes you feel your best. Coordinate them with your astronaut pendant for an out-of-this-world style.

We invite you to discover the Natura pendant: you’ll love how it looks with a square neckline. The astronaut pendant can also be a perfect match for this neckline, symbolizing your adventurous spirit.

Asymmetric Neckline

The asymmetric neckline leaves one shoulder bare and the other not: How can you restore symmetry with your astronaut pendant?

For the neck, you can try a discreet pendant, like an astronaut pendant, that adds a bit of shine to prioritize the earrings.

For earrings, you might like to see yourself with large and flashy ones, although not extremely long. Coordinate them with your astronaut pendant for a cohesive and striking look.

You can also choose several chains of different heights. Depending on the depth of the neckline, you can opt for various longer or shorter chains or necklaces, making sure they complement your astronaut pendant.

And, something that never fails: personalized jewelry. A phrase that represents you, an icon that speaks about you… An astronaut pendant can be a unique jewel, just yours.

As a general rule, you’ll look better if only one of the two accessories is long or eye-catching. That is, if you opt for long earrings, try to choose a discreet necklace. The same goes in reverse: if you want to wear a standout piece around your neck, choose short or simple earrings. Make sure your astronaut pendant is the focal point of your ensemble.

Halter Neckline

The halter neckline is one of the most flattering, have you ever worn it? Have you felt comfortable? Then choose this neckline and combine it to feel like yourself, for example, in this way:

For the neck, choose the longest pendants possible, with the focus on the center of the necklace. That is, it should have a central piece that falls to the end of the chain. If the garment is already flashy, you can choose more minimalist necklace designs. Your astronaut pendant can be that central piece.

There’s also the option of not focusing on the necklace and having the earrings be the center of attention. Large and luminous earrings will make you look very good. However, you may prefer not to wear a necklace in this case. Coordinate your earrings with your astronaut pendant for a cohesive and stunning look.

As you can see, although we can make some recommendations about necklaces and earrings according to the neckline, the final word is yours. Choose the combination that makes you feel most comfortable and secure. If you need inspiration, take a look at our essential collection: there’s a jewel for every style, discover yours! Let your astronaut pendant be a symbol of your unique style.

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