You are probably already familiar with the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – or Optimization of Sites for Search Engines, in Portuguese –, which is basically a “digital re-education” for your website, in which the SEO company does an analysis complete and detailed on how to optimize it to advance towards the top positions in internet search engines, such as Google.

Choosing the right company, one that lets your site be seen the way you want it and sends the message you want to convey, can be a big challenge, since it is a market that has several businesses and professionals.

Read the text below, because we are here to help you!

Why not hire any but the best SEO agency?

An SEO company must have specialized professionals, who must improve the performance of your company and create relevant and tested strategies to improve the ranking and optimization of your website.

The SEO company takes care of details that are probably unimaginable for a common entrepreneur, such as generating leads (people who are looking for products or services similar to what you offer), taking care of your brand reputation and analyzing the words that make potential customers come to you. the competition and the ones that could be used to reach you.

In addition, the specialized company can improve your website or page to be more accessible to any device or screen size, create original and informative content, among several other ways to bring the customer to you organically, with potential for growth and development. bigger and bigger.

What do you need to know to hire an SEO company?

The first thing is: what is an SEO company really?

Since SEO is a set of factors to be analyzed and modified or instituted with the aim of giving visibility and increasing the ranking of your site in search engines, the strategies and instruments used are not necessarily the same.

You need to analyze with your team what the business needs are and also what the SEO company has to offer. And of course, what would be the budget to invest in it.

Elements for choosing the best seo agency

The elements will also be evaluated according to the needs of your company. You need to analyze whether you are looking for an agency that specializes in a specific segment – many agencies or SEO companies serve specific niches, such as information technology, pharmacy, health, etc.

It is also necessary to examine which demands your internal team does not meet, in order to be met.

It’s important to consider whether you would like a big SEO agency or a small one, with few employees but a small number of clients , or with more employees and a more tested method? Is it important to you that the agency be located in your city or somewhere where regular face-to-face meetings are possible? Does the agency have success stories or is it possible to have access to satisfied clients?

It is also good to choose an agency that keeps communication channels open, for exchanging proposals and information. The company’s relationship with an SEO agency is a partnership. The choice should always be based on the company’s needs and the agency’s offers.

How to choose the best seo agency?

It is always important to check how this agency places itself in the market.

After analyzing your team’s needs, considering whether you want a large or small agency, whether they need to be in the same city as you, and all of the items from the previous topic, you’ve probably already narrowed down your options.

Now the focus is on what you need the agency to do for you.

You can either hire an agency just to keep your social networks updated or to periodically take care of your accesses, or one that does both.

See your need and analyze proposals, look for agencies that meet your expectations and are the size and segment your company needs.

What are the services provided by an agency?

The services provided are the most diverse. The SEO company will do its best to give visibility to your page or website using the resources at its disposal.

SEO agencies usually work with content marketing, that is, they produce useful and relevant information related to their segment to bring the public interested in the subject and potential customers to your company.

Agencies specializing in content generally produce informational texts. This technique does not directly promote your brand, but it brings visibility, access and trust with legitimate and informative content.

These companies also work with traffic management, which is the monitoring of data about who, where and from what medium arrived at your website. What words did he type? What link did he click on? What city did he come from? And many things that every entrepreneur would like to know, but not always know how to find out.

In the world of marketing, there are also so-called landing pages, which can be translated to “conversion page”, “destination page” or “lead capture page”. The landing page is that static page that Google takes us to, with all the contact information or social media that the company provides, be it a digital company or a physical company.

In this case, the person would look for something related to your company’s industry on Google, or any other search engine, and would have all the information necessary to get in touch with you. This can also be developed by an SEO company.

Social media management is also something very practiced by this type of company. Feeding a social network in an orderly and periodic way, with a well-developed style and showing the face that the company would like to pass on to its public, is something very difficult to do without a specialized team.

SEO companies, as mentioned at the beginning, also take care of website optimization for the web, photo size, responsiveness (making the page accessible from any device or screen), everything to make the website lighter and more practical to navigate.

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